Key Points
  • Contact centers have to keep pace with new customer demands following the proliferation of digital channels, increased mobility, changes in customer attitudes and concerns about data security and fraud
  • Customers expect seamless service across all channels of interaction and contact centers must revisit their multichannel strategies to deliver a consistent experience
  • Contact centers would do well to focus on a `rightshoring’ strategy – creating a good mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery
  • Philippines, with its English-speaking pool; China, with its infrastructure; and South Africa, with voice capabilities, are the emerging outsourcing hubs

Banks must re-visit their contact center strategies to deliver enhanced customer experience in today’s multichannel environment, and at the same time leverage the benefits provided by a ‘rightshoring’ strategy. Mark Braddock, Senior Vice President Banking and Financial Services – Sales, talks about how a contact center needs to be developed.

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