Key Points
  • As operating models and financial structures change dramatically, asset managers are looking at offshoring to manage costs and transform service levels
  • Success of offshoring is dependent upon the availability of mature, reliable partners with industry specific solutions to meet the need
  • There’s a tremendous opportunity for offshore providers who can tailor traditional business process outsourcing delivery models and build new capabilities for this marketplace
  • Offshore delivery models which include adequate scale and scope can have a greater impact on operating margins

It may be the last frontier for offshore outsourcing of financial services; typically wary of risk and historically cushioned by solid margins, investment managers have historically eschewed offshoring of business processes as aggressively as their counterparts in the credit card or mortgage space. However, as operating models and financial structures change dramatically due to economic conditions, offshoring must, of necessity, become a strategic tool for asset managers to manage costs, transform service levels and support the development of differentiated offerings which can effectively compete in a global, highly competitive marketplace. But it will take readiness on behalf of two parties asset managers and providers to make the change.

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