Next-generation Customer Services Next-generation Customer Services

Next Generation Customer Services

Today’s disruptive digital world has ‘hyper-connected’ consumers who demand easy and instant access to content and services across personal devices. With technological factors continuously altering the telecom landscape and customer behavior, meeting customer needs becomes a strong business imperative. In an environment of volatile customer loyalty, traditional customer engagement tactics no longer work. Telecom companies, therefore, need to devise new engagement strategies and offer consistent services across all channels to attract and retain customers.

WNS’ next generation customer services combine best-in-class technology prowess with proven customer services expertise. We enable telecom companies to develop incisive customer insights through analytics, create an insights-driven customer experience and improve processes while optimizing costs.



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WNS Advantage

We streamline operations with the right combination of best-in-class talent, processes and technology to create a positive and consistent customer experience.

  • Domain Expertise: WNS has a strong leadership team with more than 15 years of core telecom domain experience, and subject matter experts handpicked from the industry. This allows us to provide expert services across multiple lines of business such as telephony, broadband, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and subscription TV, and across multiple functions (sales, fulfillment, assurance, billing, collections and technical support) for both large corporates, and small and medium enterprises.

  • Customer Care: Our next generation customer services are based on technology- and analytics-driven multi-channel customer interaction frameworks. These enable our clients to deliver immense value to their customers. These frameworks encompass critical features such as self-serve, social Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty management and much more. Every process is mapped and managed rigorously through a set of agreed-upon metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Research and Analytics: We deploy advanced analytics and research to provide qualitative and quantitative business insights that assist our clients to take informed business decisions and turn service requests into sales. Our capabilities in customer experience and web traffic analysis, combined with our strengths in contact center analytics (volume forecasting, capacity planning and staffing optimization) transform the way clients build and manage relationships with customers.

Awards & Recognitions


Innovative CIO Award 2016


Testimonials leveraging the capabilities of WNS, we will take our customers’ experience to the next level. We have chosen WNS as our partner because they bring a deep understanding of customer needs, have a track record of operational excellence and most importantly, are aligned to our values.

Russell Taylor, Customer Services Director, T-Mobile