Pharma Forecasting & Commercial Assessment Pharma Forecasting & Commercial Assessment
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Pharma Forecasting & Commercial Analytics

Pharma Forecasting and Commercial Analytics underpins strategic decision-making and business planning in pharma companies. Its application ranges from health economics, and opportunity and market assessment (pre-clinical stage), to strategic forecasting (clinical stage), in-line product forecasting, pricing analytics and market access assessments (launch and in-line product phase). However, companies often struggle to streamline and optimize globally driven business planning processes. Some of the key challenges include complex and multi-sourced data-based market assessments, lack of insights in strategic forecasting and unoptimized planning processes.

At WNS, we help 10+ pharma companies with specialized commercial assessment projects, new and advanced methods of forecasting and dedicated support for business planning. Our comprehensive pharmaceutical forecasting capabilities enable clients to assess and optimize the commercial value of assets by combining distinctive and diverse data (both directional and evidence-based), and capturing actionable insights through advanced modeling.

WNS Forecasto, our customizable cloud-based pharma forecasting platform, drives effective collaboration, compliance and knowledge management with efficient construction, collation and consolidation of forecasts. It supports forecasting across the product life cycle – pre-launch, launch and in-line – and underpins key processes such as strategic plan, long-range forecasting and budgeting.


Domain Expertise

Opportunity / Market Assessment (Business Development and Licensing Support)

Whether you have a compound to acquire or develop, WNS can support you with research, forecasting expertise and agile modeling that will free up time for your stakeholder-facing activities.

Our domain experts understand all aspects of the pharma industry – right from health economics to monitoring of New Drug Applications (NDAs) and filing of biosimilars. We granularly assess the market and opportunities for the long run, applying evidential data and analogs, and driving robust validation from other sources.

Domain Expertise

Pipeline and In-line Forecasting

Whether you have a strategic product that is ready to be launched or a product already in the market, WNS can support you with your business planning cycle or decision-making boards. Our pharmaceutical forecasting experts research, create, modify, simulate, report and present results to key stakeholders on your behalf.

Domain Expertise

Forecasting Models

Be it navigating a complex data problem to understand an assumption or estimating the value of niche segments, WNS can help you with special-purpose modeling that integrates and triangulates different data sources to draw evidence. We specialize in driving effective and efficient business planning support through extended strategic forecast models.

Our team of technical experts proficient in research and analytics brings into play industry best practices. We support our clients by providing strategic forecast models or forecasting suites that are highly customizable and scalable.

Domain Expertise

Pricing and Market Assessment Analytics2

Are you facing a challenge in tracking pricing movements and stopping revenue leakages? Do you need support to plan price change? WNS can assist you with analytics that is easy to understand, broader in coverage and unearths key insights with recommendations.

Our team of experts is armed with financial knowledge encompassing pricing and revenue leakages, and can support you with the right analytics-led visualization to drive timely and informed decisions.



WNS Advantage

  • Deep Research and Forecasting Expertise: WNS brings 15+ years of pharma forecasting and commercial analytics experience. Our global talent pool comprises researchers, forecasting experts, statisticians, data scientists and modelers. In the recent past, WNS has delivered 5,500 forecasts, comprising both strategic as well as tactical forecasting for more than 450 products across 100+ markets.

  • Data Modeling and Data Sciences: We conduct research and develop evidence-based analytics by bringing together diverse data sources and leveraging data sciences not just as a tool but as a principle of data-based modeling. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals that aims to deliver sophisticated but easy-to-use pharma commercial analytics to aid better business planning for clients.

  • Technology-driven Innovation: WNS Forecasto is a cloud-based pharma forecasting platform that simplifies the forecasting and business planning cycles of pharma companies. This customizable online platform enables clients to forecast, communicate and share, collect, consolidate and monitor compliance at the Operating Business Unit (OBU) level. Based data on platform deployments, WNS Forecasto has been able to reduce 50 percent efforts annually per product / brand.