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Life Sciences

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Life sciences companies are trying to adopt new analytical approaches to tap into data and unlock insights for devising strategies around brand growth, competitor analysis, new launches, patients’ unmet needs and inventory planning. Analytics in Life Sciences is proving to be a key differentiator between the leaders and laggards. Data engineering and effective data visualization have become critical.

At WNS, we work with our clients to successfully scale their data engineering and visualization capabilities, and establish best-in-class customer-focused functions. We deliver agile yet comprehensive, effective yet efficient, and simple yet scalable solutions.

Our vast experience in open source technologies and enterprise solutions enables us to provide execution muscle for driving bespoke data engineering and data visualization solutions for our clients. WNS Agilius is our unified, cloud-based and self-serve business intelligence analytics platform powered by the best of big data, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.


Domain Expertise

Life Sciences Data Strategy and Advisory

We support our clients in establishing their data and infrastructure strategy for their analytics and big data needs. We help define the optimal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive their business performance. We perform a feasibility analysis on tools / technologies and design the operating model for clients’ Business Intelligence (BI) capability – encompassing people, processes and the technology required to deliver best-in-class BI, either in-premise or on-cloud.

Domain Expertise

Life Sciences Data Engineering

WNS’ end-to-end Life Sciences data engineering capabilities help clients leverage their existing and new investments to evolve towards using information strategically. We enable enterprises to implement connected data supply chains using scalable data architectures, state-of-the-art technologies and best practices. WNS’ data engineering services ensure smooth flow of data across the enterprise, thereby increasing ROI from data inventory.

Domain Expertise

Reporting Analytics

We design and build intelligent, standardized processes to align data from disparate systems. This enables clients to ‘slice and dice’ their data in new ways. We have developed alliances with market-leading BI technology vendors such as Microsoft, Tableau and Qlik.

Domain Expertise

Life Sciences Data Governance

We help our clients discover, understand, govern and socialize their data to support their data governance needs. We enable data visibility, control and collaboration to unlock real business value of their data assets. We support master data management to integrate customer’s data (customer profile and customer affiliation) across various data sets to provide a single view of the customer.


WNS Advantage

  • Therapeutic Area Expertise: WNS leverages 15+ years of experience in Life Sciences research and competitive intelligence services to drive outcomes for more than 30 leading clients globally.

  • Industry Knowledge: WNS has a global team of analysts, well-versed in the full range of Life Sciences and pharma data sources and deep operations. Our 2900+ people strong Life Sciences and pharma research and analytics team – comprising data analysts, engineers, project managers, subject matter experts and data scientists – solves the BI data management and visualization implementation challenges of clients for in-premise or on-cloud deployment.

  • Innovation: A dedicated Artificial Intelligence Innovation Lab is focused on building enterprise-grade, scalable and business outcome-focused solutions for our clients.