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Insurers need to ensure superior and differentiated customer service across all digital channels as next-gen customers rely increasingly on their smartphones and the Internet for insurance-related transactions. To harness the power of mobility and service customers faster, insurance brokers have to be enabled with state-of-the-art mobility solutions. A mobile app that provides real-time information for tracking claims, policy renewals and portfolio reviews could greatly increase the efficiency of the broker network and drive customer satisfaction.

WNS’ Broker Connect is a cutting-edge mobility solution for insurance brokers and financial advisors to leverage opportunities to build new business and also service existing customers on the go.

This solution addresses a range of business requirements of a broker across the insurance policy lifecycle - from issuance to payouts.


Insurers to Significantly Expedite Issuance of New Policies with Broker Connect Mobile app

The Industry Challenge
Insurers often lack real-time insights into their ‘new business on-boarding’ process, leading to delayed policy issuance and disbursal. Delays are usually caused by repeated iterations due to missing information.

How Broker Connect Help
WNS’ Broker Connect mobile app provides brokers easy access to real-time information and status updates across an insurer’s product portfolios. The App helps plug information gaps in policy documents to expedite policy application, thereby enhancing the ‘new business on-boarding’ process.

Business Benefits
This mobile app builds greater synergy between the insurer and its intermediaries, and optimizes its broker network. It offers tangible benefits such as the following:

  • Captures requirements for additional and missing information.
  • Routs back up to 90 percent applications to intermediaries
  • Improves TAT for policy issuance
  • Reduces broker queries to the insurer
  • Routs back up to 90 percent applications to intermediaries
  • Improves TAT for policy issuance