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Risk And Compliance Service Providers

In an increasingly digital world, critical risks around privacy, data integrity, and cybersecurity have magnified. Today, ensuring trust and safety has become a business imperative. To build and maintain customer relationships, and preserve the integrity of their products and services, organizations must focus on creating a secure, inclusive online environment.

The global pandemic accelerated both user generated content and online transactions significantly as customers stayed indoors and spent more time online. This trend also changed the landscape of support interactions by laying more emphasis on social media customer care, content moderation, and online transaction security, along with improved analytics and business intelligence to understand customer needs.

WNS partners with leading global companies to enhance their trust and safety services and solutions to safeguard their brand and customer journeys, boost compliance, and mitigate fraud and financial risk. We combine our service ecosystem, client-centric approach, strong domain expertise, digital solutions, analytics-driven engagements and a global delivery network to deliver effective risk management outcomes.

  • 12 Mn+Ads reviewed annually

  • 2 MnMedia monitored and
    analyzed for relevance

  • 1 Mn+Transaction alerts
    screened annually

  • 7 Mn Videos reviewed for
    compliance and tagged

  • 500 Mn+Saved through automation &
    optimized delivery model


Digital Accelerators

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • KYC Researcher: RPA-enabled screening of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanction entities
  • RPA and analytics-enabled transaction monitoring and fraud identification

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • AI-based digital verification of identity
  • Application programming interface-based Anti-money Laundering (AML) compliance


  • Analytics-led transaction monitoring and fraud identification
  • AI-enabled BPMS

Comprehensive Services

We offer a range of services, from manual and automated moderation for digital platforms to market research and insights.

WNS Content Moderation Risk and Compliance Services

Content Moderation

Our content moderation services include takedown of misleading or false information, flagging of instances that violate community standards and spam reporting. We protect data by identifying Intellectual Property (IP) infringement.

Social Media Compliance

Social Media Compliance

We leverage machine learning and human moderators to flag user reviews, comments and uploads.

WNS Social Media Compliance Risk and Compliance Services

Financial Crime and Compliance

We monitor suspicious transactions and detect fraudulent activities. We perform vendor and customer due diligence with strict compliance norms (sanction screening, PEP, Suspicious Activity Report filing support). We also create decision-ready reports catering to AML / Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Ad Review and Integrity Services

Ad Review and Integrity Services

We proactively search misleading, inappropriate, or malicious content and remove ads that target or harm users.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

We provide security assessment, monitoring and management. We also offer security analytics solutions.

WNS Risk Analytics and Reporting Services

Risk Analytics and Reporting

Our solutions encompass fraud detection analytics, and model risk and regulatory reporting.


WNS Advantage

Deep Domain Expertise

Our deep domain expertise from the last 14+ years is reflected in the breadth of our client base and depth of our talent. We have been delivering high-quality solutions to specialized firms including e-commerce platforms, social media companies and financial Institutions for over a decade. Our resource pool of 1300+ includes domain experts such as PhDs, CAs, analysts, fraud experts, customer success representatives, policy managers, product managers, designers, data scientists and software engineers.

Three-pronged Transformation Approach

Our consultative approach seeks to transform business processes by:

  • Enhancing current process content with proprietary Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI-led tools such as Risk Check, KYC researcher, iDebt, Credit Evaluator, WNS SKENSE, and Kwilo, extensive primary and secondary research capabilities, digital strategy and robust quality assurance program

  • Delivering the ability to scale supported by technology that constantly learns and adapts to evolving fraud patterns, businesses can automate processes that allow them to grow their customer base and bottom-line

  • Benchmarking with competition to identify industry trends and best practices to unlock growth and boost risk and compliance offerings

Embedded Analytics

Our statisticians and data scientists execute modeling and validation projects to embed analytics in client processes. This helps them generate actionable insights, and translate trends and opportunities into profitable growth, beyond efficiency gains.