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Already under pressure from increasing competition, demands for customized pricing and weakening collections, law firms are facing new challenges in an uncertain environment. Saving on costs and unlocking new efficiencies are imperative to boost their profit margins and provide more value.

WNS’ Business Process Management (BPM) services enable legal services firms to effectively address these imperatives, so they can focus on greater customer engagement and achieve next-level growth. We leverage our multi-disciplinary expertise, leading-edge solutions and a global delivery model to drive high-quality, accurate and secure legal support services at speed.

  • 300+Team Size

  • 8No: of Clients Served

  • 15+Years of Experience

  • 2.1 Mn+Transactions
    Per Year

  • 5+%Cost Savings of
    Spend Per Annum


A Comprehensive Portfolio of Client Services

We offer the gamut of legal support services, including legal and regulatory compliance, independent case management, business research and database creation, and legal transcription.

Case Management

We drive end-to-end offshore management of all stakeholders, with strong judgement-based decision-making and advice for end-clients. We manage all administrative functions, including setting up of claims, disbursement listing and housekeeping.

Personal Injury Litigation Support

We manage liability disputes for claimants who have sustained personal injuries due to road accidents and accidents at work place / public space. We also provide support for non-personal injury cases as well as litigation support for contested claims.

Property Law (Conveyancing)

We provide comprehensive services, from freehold and leasehold conveyancing to mortgage re-financing legal processing and title checking.


Legal Research Solutions

Our business research services include company profiling, regulatory analysis and trends reports. We support legal documentation by analyzing and organizing information, reviewing and indexing legal documents, and summarizing drafts.

Contract Management

We extend end-to-end support across contract strategy, negotiation, compliance and administration. We also facilitate the contract process across all stakeholders.

Transcription and Documentation

We transcribe direct audio using speech recognition software. We offer comprehensive documentation support, including document generation, editing, cleaning, and comparison.


WNS Advantage

Domain Expertise

We have more than 15 years of proven experience and are a trusted legal support services partner to multiple global clients, including law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance firms and legal publishers. Our team of specialists comprises a sizeable number of lawyers well-versed in international laws and regulations, paralegals, and researchers and data specialists.

Breadth of Services and Centers of Excellence

We offer a range of expert legal and paralegal services to take the burden off our clients’ shoulders, enabling them to focus on high-value activities.

  • We have significant proficiency in residential property conveyancing with support across the transaction lifecycle. Our depth of expertise extends to both rule-based and complex decision-based processes such as due diligence of property titles – freehold and leasehold. Among our clients are some of the top 20 conveyancers in the UK, which makes us the largest service provider (by volumes) of residential property conveyancing.
  • We manage end-to-end personal injury claims, including assessment of liability, damages and other party negotiation.
  • We also support clients on a variety of company secretarial processes with varying degrees of complexity.