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Powering Growth and Innovation with Technology-driven Executive Search Services

In the current era of relentless innovation, securing top-tier talent is more crucial than ever. Executive search services are at the forefront of this quest, identifying visionary leaders who are shaping our future. Executive search professionals are focused on talent mapping, quicker candidate assessment and reducing hiring time, while also addressing bias in decision-making through AI.

WNS is a trusted partner of the world's foremost executive search firms, including three of the top five global leaders, in their relentless search for extraordinary talent. WNS’ deep expertise in domain knowledge, analytics, and cutting-edge technology has enabled us to establish specialized knowledge and capability centers. These centers are instrumental in revolutionizing our clients' operational frameworks and service portfolios.

  • 3 of Top 5 Executive Search Services Firms

  • 500+ Search Experts

  • 30% Revenue Growth

  • 25%+Productivity Gains

  • 30% Faster Candidate Data Fulfilment


Comprehensive Suite of Information and Knowledge Support Solutions

Our solutions and services are designed to solve your most pressing needs at every stage of your executive search journey.

WNS Hi Tech Search Lifecycle Support Services

Search Lifecycle Support

  • Sourcing
  • Pre-Screening
  • Talent Mapping / Name Generation
  • Interview and Offer Management
  • Onboarding Support
  • Database Management – Candidate and Company
  • Engagement Review and Audits
  • Background Verification
  • Content Management
  • Knowledge Management
Executive Search Marketing, New Business and Client Services

Executive Search Marketing, New Business and Client Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Communication
  • Pitchbook Creation
  • Graphics and Visual Design Support
  • Market Intelligence
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Web Analytics
  • Rapid Research Support
  • Survey Support
Executive Search Consulting

Executive Search Consulting

  • Talent Consulting
  • On-demand Talent Management / Network Support
  • Whitepaper Creation
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Benchmarking
  • Ideation / Thought leadership
  • Thematic Research
WNS Hi Tech and Professional Support Services

Other Support Services

  • Contract Checks and Audits
  • Repository Management
  • Invoice and Expense Management
  • Billing and Contract Validation
  • Administrative Support
  • Human Capital Support

Unlocking the Power of Data, Analytics and AI

WNS Triange, our AI, analytics, data and research practice, helps clients enhance and provide effective solutions across the search life cycle through business development, data management, talent mapping, and identification and assignment closure. It drives significant improvements across critical areas such as Talent, Organizational Consulting and Advisory and Interim space.

Optimizing Executive Search Optimizing Executive Search

Success Stories

Competitive Landscape Analysis Sparks Growth Strategy Success

A leading North American financial executive search firm sought to analyze the competitive landscape and develop recommendations for its future direction, along with a two-year growth plan.

We dove deep into the target company through website analysis, media coverage and partner interviews. We actively conceptualized different segments for comparison, structured the presentation, formulated hypotheses about the evolving executive search market, identified data gaps and planned visualizations for key metrics.


  • Delivered a detailed presentation with key insights, revealing market patterns essential for strategic navigation in the executive search sector
  • Identified crucial segments, guiding the firm towards focused growth and competitive positioning
  • Formulated a targeted two-year growth strategy, empowering the firm to capitalize on market opportunities and enhance decision-making

Compensation Benchmarking Surveys to Deliver a Competitive Edge

A leading executive search firm aimed to solidify its industry expertise and drive executive search demand through compensation trend insights.

We conducted a multi-geography survey of 20,000 executives across North America, EMEA and APAC. Over 2,000 responses were analyzed, considering parameters such as fund size, investment strategy, education background and experience. This data was correlated with deals, fundraising and compensation trends.


  • Crafted a dynamic internal presentation featuring detailed data, graphs, and charts. This provided a clear understanding of compensation trends, enabling informed strategic decisions
  • Published a comprehensive whitepaper for external audiences. This positioned the client as a thought leader in the industry, leveraging insights to drive executive search demand.

Transforming Leadership Assessment Capabilities

A top executive search firm was looking to enhance its leadership assessment capabilities to provide comprehensive services to clients.

We introduced a suite of solutions, including a personality consultation dashboard for expert consultations based on psychometric data, a structured 360° referencing system for feedback collection, executive assessment report writing services, tailored psychometric data analysis and interpretation, and thematic analysis to identify common organizational development themes.

Our solutions significantly upgraded the firm's leadership assessment capabilities, offering deeper, data-driven insights. These advancements fortified the firm's competitive stance in the executive search industry.


The WNS Advantage : Strategic Edge through Expertise and Innovation

In-Depth Industry Expertise

At WNS, we merge cutting-edge innovation with unwavering reliability, harnessing over a decade of domain expertise and a deep understanding of local talent dynamics in key markets. Our robust business and process consulting capabilities enables organizations to skillfully navigate complex projects, effectively drive cultural change, and confidently address critical staffing needs.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our engagement models are tailored to thrive in volatile markets, offering both dedicated and shared resources for swift, impactful outcomes. WNS' flexible commercial frameworks, including fixed fee, transaction-based, and outcome-focused models, are designed to be both adaptable and cost-efficient, ensuring clients receive the best value.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Leveraging the latest in analytics, automation, and AI, WNS significantly enhances operational efficiency. Our approach leads to a 30 percent reduction in process time, a 50 percent increase in efficiency and report generation speed, and a profound reduction in manual efforts. Our digital audit transformations and quality management overhaul result in a 90 percent effort reduction, guaranteeing error-free results and systematic action plans.


“Kudos and BIG THANKS to the team for pulling together data and updating for the Board Mapping in such a short period of time!!!! Working alongside the team, I was impressed by the level of details and going above and beyond (and day and night) for this update. With this update, we have been able to provide insights on an urgent key client meeting and get a good head start for another project. Thank you again!

Knowledge Director, Top Executive Search Firm

Team - amazing, excellent work and I am so impressed with both - the quality of research as well as the highly efficient process you managed throughout the two phases the project was split in. This is a really important and valuable piece for the sector team and we could not have done this without your support. Please thank everyone who played a role here.

Knowledge Director, Top Executive Search Client

This is FABULOUS work and a HUGE thank you to all involved. This is not easy information to find and it is so helpful having the description. This gives us a wonderful start to be able to try to identify the bulls eye individuals. Thanks again to all. This is excellent team work and I am really impressed by the standard and thoroughness of this work. This is great and many thanks to the project team! I am having some good conversations and have a few people in my sights but this is a tough search for sure!

Research Director Market Expert, Top Executive Search Client

Quite satisfied by the work that has been done by the team. I think he well understood the role we were looking for and provided extensive work in a limited time. This was the first time I asked for support from WNS but it won't be the last, thank you team!

Consultant, Top Executive Search Client