Shipping and Logistics RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC Shipping and Logistics RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC
RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACâ„¢

Shipping and Logistics RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACâ„¢

The Shipping & Logistics industry is at crossroads. The regulatory environment is stricter than ever before and complicated by diverse standards across markets. Customers’ expectations continue to evolve as they demand transparency and real-time visibility across the value chain. Rising operational costs and competition from traditional as well as newer agile players further add to the industry’s challenges.

Is your business looking to lower costs, create time-efficient processes and deliver consistent customer delight? Achieve these goals with WNS’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation TRACTM.

Shipping and Logistics Enterprise Level Automation

The WNS Advantage

We co-create: After years of working closely with leading players in the Shipping & Logistics industry, we know one thing for sure – despite being in the same industry, every player has unique challenges, and consequently, unique automation requirements. While we bring in the best practices from our wealth of experience, we constantly strive to solve for your unique business needs.

We hit the ground running: Our experience in the Shipping & Logistics industry over the decades has resulted in deep domain expertise and specialized skills. We leverage these to deliver cost-optimized and high-impact automation as well as end-to-end consultancy for Shipping & Logistics players of all sizes.

We unlock transformation across the value chain: WNS RPA and Intelligent Automation TRACTM is designed to address the diverse automation needs that a business might have. From consultancy and need gap analysis to customer-facing user interface, inventory tracking and delivery, we take a holistic, 360-degree view of automation possibilities for your business.

RPA & Intelligent & Intelligent Automation TRAC Possibilities


WNS Malkom

WNS Malkom is a proprietary platform underpinned by artificial intelligence and machine learning to re-define Less-than-truckload (LTL) billing. The platform automates the end-to-end Bill of Lading (BoL) process, enabling shipping and logistics companies to reduce manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks.