Co-creating lives through education, one child at a time.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, driven through WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), advances our mission to Educate, Empower, and Enrich lesser privileged communities as we work to make a difference around the world. We believe the future of a nation must be built on the strong foundation of education. As a result, CSR at WNS revolves around co-creating with the community to offer quality education to the young and underprivileged.

Backed by the senior leadership at WNS, WCF helps employees and clients channel their passion for community service into a concrete platform for change and hope. WCF is an example of how we are constantly finding ways to collaborate and co-create with all of our stakeholders. Our program reflects the WNS core values of learning and sharing knowledge, our focus on co-creation, and our drive towards excellence in everything we do. It’s a tangible example of a work environment that encourages passion and innovation.

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Libraries - Static + Mobile


Computer Centers


Digital Learning Centers


Three distinct areas of impact. One clear plan for tomorrow.

We bring our vision of a better future to fruition through focused efforts to educate, empower and enrich less fortunate youth and children.



Our efforts to educate extend beyond academics and the classroom, through innovative initiatives such as digital learning centers and mobile libraries.


We empower these children and youth to overcome social as well as economic constraints and create a bright future for themselves through vocational guidance, placement assistance and leadership training programs.


We enrich these bright young people with real-life skills that enhance their self-esteem and hone their personalities. These skills are built through educational trips as well as programs for sports, art and craft and self-defense.

Our Core Belief

Every individual has the power to educate,
empower and enrich is expressed in the equation I1 = E3.


Computer-aided Literacy Program

This global program, run in 169 schools worldwide and impacting over 60,000 children, gives students studying in grades 1-10 better access to computers and technology-related job-skills.

Digital Learning Centers

Set up in 127 schools in low-income areas, these centers offer digitized versions of the entire course curriculum in both English and local Indian languages, thereby empowering teachers to enhance the learning outcomes of over 60,000 students.

WCF Digital Treasure

This web-based, open source, e-learning platform enables children to gain crucial academic and real-life skills through its vast repository of relevant content including e-tutorials and an e-library.



Through this program, WCF offers underprivileged youth intensive vocational training on courses relevant to the BPM industry, thereby boosting their employability considerably.

The Youth4Change Leadership Program

Through this program, we involve disadvantaged South African youth in projects that uplift their schools and communities, so as to enhance their all-round growth and job-readiness.

Line of Sight

This leadership program is designed to hone the decision-making, problem-solving and management skills of children through experiential learning, thus preparing them to build successful careers.


Self-defense Program

By training schoolgirls in martial arts, threat detection and response and more, this program empowers them to defend themselves in difficult situations at home, in school and beyond.


Through this program, mentors from our US and UK locations interact with their underprivileged mentees, aided by local mentors. This not only gives these children access to new cultural insights, but also boosts their confidence and empowers them to dream big.

Cyber-Security Awareness

This engaging campaign dealt with the growing threat faced by children in cyberspace and educated them regarding preventive and corrective measures to deal with cybercrime. It has reached over 1,35,000 children, youth and teachers today.

Awards and Recognition



ACEF Award 2018

ET 2 Good 4 Good
Award 2017 & 2018

Gold for Corporate Social
Responsibility Program of the Year
(Asia, Australia and New Zealand) 2015


Golden Peacock Global Award
for Corporate Social Responsibility
(2012, 2013, 2014, 2016)

Asian Customer Engagement
Forum (ACEF) (2014, 2015, 2016)

Asia Responsible
Entrepreneurship Award
(AREA) (2014, 2015)




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