WNS won the prestigious award in the ‘Data Science/AI in Healthcare and Pharma’ category.

A leading oncology drug manufacturer in the U.S. was looking to strengthen their Data Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). The company received large volumes of data from disparate data sources and maintained many datasets. However, most of the data was not usable as it was owned by different silos within the client’s setup. The company was looking for a healthcare-focused data science solution driving data management that can address their challenges of lack of data governance, poor data management and poor data quality.

WNS proposed a Data Science CoE that would have a mix of resources from the company’s Data Engineering and Reporting (DER) team and those with data science and data analytics expertise. One of the key outcomes from implementing this cognitive data science and analytics solution included cost savings of ~USD 16 Million over five years across product procurement with data science-led supply chain optimization.

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