WNS won the award for its innovative use of drone-led image analytics for a leading property and casualty insurer. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI-backed solution enabled the insurer to assess rooftop damages, verify validity of insurance claims and automate claims estimation reporting. Claims processing of rooftop damages caused by hailstorms and other weather-related incidents is one of the most difficult and expensive tasks for an insurance company.

WNS used over 500,000 drone captured images to create two classifications – damaged and undamaged rooftops. An AI-led algorithm automatically located and classified damages due to hailstorm and other weather incidents, and provided various metrics to help the insurance company to take an appropriate decision on claims made. The benefits delivered to the client included:

  • Operational efficiency: It has helped in significantly reducing manual inspection by surveyors and helped them prioritize inspections
  • Customer service: Time to take action has come down significantly, helping the company improve customer service
  • Improved ROI: Prediction accuracy of 95 percent leading to elimination of manual effort and time spent in segregating images, leading to potential saving of millions of dollars

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