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Stevie International Business Awards 2023

Stevie 2023 silver
Stevie 2023 bronze

WNS has won an impressive six awards at the Stevie International Business Awards 2023. We were recognized in the following categories:

  • Customer Service Team of the Year (Silver)

    Stevie 2023 silver

    We won the award for delivering exceptional customer service to a US Airline. WNS streamlined the recruitment process, allowing the account to expand its workforce rapidly from 500 FTE to 1,250 FTE within six months.

  • Education – Virtual Learning Solution (Silver)

    Stevie 2023 silver

    WNS iLearn Training Framework, a customized training solution for Shipping & Logistics, helped us clinch a Silver.

  • Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution (Bronze)

    Stevie 2023 bronze

    We won the award for WNS enc@sh, our accounts payable analysis and working capital analytics App. The platform breaks down enterprise-level problems into transaction-level problems and analyzes them to generate strategic insights.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution (Bronze)

    Stevie 2023 bronze

    Journal Entry Analytics Platform (JEAP), an industry-first journal entry analytics offering, helped us bring home this award.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (Bronze)

    Stevie 2023 bronze

    We won this award for WNS Forecasto, a cloud-based, user-friendly platform offering a comprehensive solution for creating, consolidating, reporting and analyzing end-to-end forecasts.

  • Compliance Solution (Bronze)

    Stevie 2023 bronze

    Our case study on WNS Fintinel, an interactive Audit Analytics tool that helps identify audit targets from transactional data brought us a Bronze in this category.

About Stevie International Business Awards

Known as ‘the International Stevies,’ the International Business Awards are open to all organizations worldwide: large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit. The 2023 competition attracted more than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all types in more than 60 nations.

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