Business Intelligence (BI) is of tremendous importance given the challenges faced by the utilities and energy sector. These challenges include increased competition, deregulation, privatization, more focus on cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability. With mounting pressure on profit margins, it is imperative that utility and energy companies improve the accuracy of demand and supply forecasts, determine trends and adapt to the changing market dynamics. Companies in this sector are using the services of BPM providers to gain shaper market insights and improve decision-making.

We work with companies in these sectors to ensure that all data is tracked, accessed and organized. Actionable data lends competitive advantage to the client as it helps forecast demand, adjust supply and reduce operational costs.

We provide an integrated and comprehensive Operational Business Intelligence (OBI) solution that applies from the time a business issue is identified to the time it is fixed. This involves process assessments and diagnostics based on the OBI output to identify business issues, deliver process and technology-related services to fix the issues and improve operational performance. The solution draws strength from our expertise in business process re-engineering, technology platforms and analytics.

The WNS Operational Business Intelligence solution helps architect a Master Data Management (MDM) environment, which is free from ‘vendor lock’ and gives utility and energy companies the flexibility to use whatever systems and tools they want. The MDM environment provides utility and energy clients with all the support they need to roll out any solutions they want.

As an extension of the MDM solution, we deliver best-of-breed report packages, ‘drillable’ dashboards and customized business intelligence visuals. We help create and automate the client’s information visuals, regardless of toolset or platform. This can be complemented with custom-built reporting packages based on our understanding of the utilities and energy industry.

The OBI tool is platform-agnostic and can process data across all systems, such as ERP, legacy systems or custom-built apps, and formats. It helps utility and energy enterprises define their own way of setting up processes and custom reports, which are not dependent on any tool or vendor.

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