The hospitality industry around the world is feeling the impact of digital technologies. The traditional mode of doing business has lost its relevance in the face of growing presence of social media and mobile technologies. Hospitality companies need to re-establish their brand and provide customers a seamless brand experience across the web, social media, mobile and voice channels.

This is the age of the ‘shared economy,’ a new phenomenon that has taken the hospitality industry by storm. In the face of new competition, hotels are under pressure to develop new growth strategies. A key aspect of this strategy is to cut costs and maximize operational efficiency without compromising on the quality of customer service. Hotels also need to have better visibility and control over inventory allocation to manage rates in a more dynamic way. There’s a need to partner with experienced players who can help them achieve all this.

WNS has a strong track record in providing best-in-class Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to the travel industry. WNS leverages its deep domain experience in the travel industry, process excellence and technology capabilities to help hospitality clients build strong customer loyalty and engagement programs, improve operational efficiencies and make fact-based, data-driven business decisions.

WNS helped the client identify risks and opportunities in new property launches
WNS used insights from the customer segmentation exercise to optimize the client’s marketing efforts
WNS set up a contact center in a short time and helped the client to add $1.9 Million to gross revenue

The WNS Advantage

WNS owes its origin to the travel industry, having made its beginning as a captive of British Airways in 1996. Our vast experience and knowledge of the travel industry traverse the entire range of travel services. Our hospitality clients across the globe have benefited from our best-in-class solutions that have helped them turn around their business and stay ahead of the competition.

Comprehensive Service Offering

WNS solutions for the hospitality sector are a demonstration of our deep knowledge and expertise in this space. We offer end-to-end BPM services spanning front office, middle office and back office that cover the entire hospitality value chain. Hospitality companies prefer to engage with us as we provide a one-stop solution for all their needs.

Center of Excellence

We have built the WNS Center of Excellence (CoE) for the travel industry by combining our talent pool with travel domain knowledge, best-of-breed travel BPM operations, industry best practices, proven methodologies and frameworks, and our transformational solutions practice. Our hospitality clients have leveraged the WNS Travel CoE to drive transformational business benefits aligned to their needs.

Technology Solutions

We understand that the technology infrastructure of each client is different. Our technology solutions are not only compatible, but further enhance the performance of our clients’ existing solutions and tools. WNS’ technology agnostic proprietary tools for the travel industry assist our clients in meeting their business objectives and staying ahead of their competition. These bolt-on tools are powered by high-end embedded analytics, automation and a web-based ‘on demand’ infrastructure to help our clients meet their changing business needs.

Flexible and Innovative Commercial Models

WNS has flexible and innovative revenue models. We were one of the first to recognize that the traditional, input-based revenue model had outlived its relevance and it was time for new, creative approaches. Our approach addresses the evolving needs of our clients. The commercial models we offer today are flexible in scope, pricing and scale.

Client-centric Engagement Model

Client centricity lies at the heart of our engagement philosophy as we align ourselves to become a part of our clients’ extended enterprise. This approach has helped us remain focused on our clients’ business outcomes as we drive both immediate and long-term, strategic impact.

"We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, strong customer care capabilities, insightful customer analytics and their global delivery footprint."
Steve Sickle

Senior Vice President for Distribution and Relationship Marketing, IHG

Named in CIO Review’s List of 20 Most Promising Travel and Hospitality Service Providers 2015


Front Office

  • Reservations/Sales
  • Guest Relations
  • Loyalty Program Management

Middle Office

  • Fraud Management
  • Rate Loading

Back Office

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Procurement
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