The current landscape for actuarial financial modeling and systems is being defined by several challenges. Regulators and markets are expecting more reliable financial output from actuarial models in an age of rapidly changing and stringent regulatory requirements. Boards are demanding faster turnaround for financial and risk reporting, while also expecting superior actuarial insights. Actuarial Modeling teams today are not only required to deliver on these mandates, but also to transform and integrate themselves within the broader corporate information network.

To help our clients respond to these challenges, WNS has created an Actuarial Modeling Center of Excellence. Our Actuarial Modeling practice has developed significant experience over the years, across various platforms, within the entire spectrum of the modeling ecosystem. The center also leverages proven WNS capabilities as a BPM leader, across Analytics, Technology Solutions, Process Re-engineering and Project Management to help our clients deliver their business priorities.

WNS eliminated 60 working days in reporting timelines by cleaning up legacy manual or ad hoc reserves
WNS used first principles spreadsheet modeling from pricing literature to baseline the platform to 0.1 percent..
WNS automated and delivered a unified solution, replacing multiple data sources with manual transformations
Our Services Our modeling capability has been developed across a number of broad areas, including:

  • Analysis of change requirements
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Release management and build documentation
  • Management of parallel build integration

Validation and rationalization
  • Expected vs. actual analysis of model results
  • Holistic first principles validation using original model literature
  • Rationalization of the model platform through consolidated and unified modeling solutions

Conversion and consolidation
  • Cross-platform model conversion
  • Model platform version migration
  • Model consolidation by integrating standalone models

Optimization and transformation
  • Model efficiency improvement by ensuring adherence to coding standards and eliminating model redundancies
  • Modeling platform transformation in response to regulatory change imperatives such as Solvency II
  • Modeling process transformation in pursuit of business-efficiency-led requirements

We can help you:

  • Deliver upon your model development requirements while establishing a robust, controlled modeling process through our Model Life Cycle Development approach
  • Improve overall modeling efficiencies and maintain model platform performance
  • Set up and provide rigorous model regression and system testing services
  • Streamline your modeling workflow by developing bespoke solutions to optimize allied components such as assumptions, data, results, etc.

This allows you to ‘free up’ your scarce actuarial talent and focus them on key priorities – for example, deploying your actuarial expertise where it really matters, i.e. analysis and provision of actuarial insights for the business.

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