Contracts are vital business assets and need to be managed effectively. Efficient management of contracts is imperative to ensure continuity in contracting cycles and to conform to compliance requirements. Moreover, it also helps to curb unnecessary expenditure arising from errors.

In the extremely complex international shipping industry, achieving operational efficiency in contract management is a challenge for freight forwarders and shippers. Inefficiencies in contract management lead to significant financial and operational losses while impacting customer experience.

Contract Management Underpinned by Domain Expertise

Freight forwarders and shippers require an experienced partner, with the right expertise and solution, to streamline their contract management processes, curb unnecessary costs and ensure regulatory compliance. WNS has partnered with Portrix Logistic Software GmbH (PLS) to offer freight forwarders and shippers an agile solution to help address these challenges.

Portrix offers Global Price Management (GPM), a multi-modal freight rate and surcharge management application. The GPM solution package offers solutions for Rate Management, Allocation Management, Quotation Management, Ocean Schedule, Collaborative Sourcing and Reporting.

The Contract Management solution, a subset of the Rate Management solution, allows freight forwarders and shippers to optimize their contract management processes, better manage transportation rates, eliminate manual work and improve user experience.

Freight rates are made up of a complex combination of base rate, surcharges and inland rates. WNS understands the market volatility which causes these rates to be in a constant state of flux. We are also cognizant of the criticality of expiry dates and the requirement of rate updation prior to the expiry dates ensuring correct billing and invoicing.

WNS manages multimodal contracts for clients across all transport segments giving us deep domain expertise. We are adept in managing all facets of rate management including updating buying and selling rates, managing multimodal rate updates across multiple geographies and performing millions of rate updates in real time.

We have dedicated teams with expertise in contract management embedded across our global delivery centers. Our services are extended to clients from delivery centers they prefer for the engagement. The WNS-PLS synergy results in timely solutions to solve for challenges in contract management.

PLS Value Proposition

Key Features of the Contract Management Solution:

  • Manages contracted volume forecasts, carrier booking allocations to fulfil Minimum Quantity Commitment (MQC) as per contract, quotations and rate updates
  • Multi-modal freight rate and surcharge management platform for 360-degree rate management
  • Centralized platform offers access to rates across geographies
  • Provides a comprehensive view of rate comparison across carriers and transport modes
  • Allows the setting up of user rights and access levels as per client requirements
  • Best-in-class tariff administration for rate updates based on the freight mode (sea, air, road and rail) used by carriers
  • Interfaces seamlessly with existing operational and financial software systems through a generic web-service connector

The WNS Advantage

Experience in managing rate updates across shipping and transportation clients

Track record of maintaining service levels required for rate management process

Ready ecosystem of trained resources

Repository of best practices deployment for contract management for clients across the transportation sector

Transparent operations that offer 360-degree view of contract processing

Centralized team ensuring resource availability 365 days a year

Key Benefits

  • 100 percent rate updates prior to expiry of rates
  • Over 99 percent accuracy levels in rate and contract updates
  • 20 to 30 percent productivity increase in rate and contract updates
  • 25 to 50 percent improvement in turnaround time for rate and contract updates

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