Mailroom and Scanning

We have years of experience in document management services. Proven methodologies and best-in-class technology platforms ensure accountability and quality throughout the document’s lifecycle. We have mailroom and scanning partners across the globe, which enable WNS’ customers to move from a paper-based world to a centralized, organized and digitized world. Our mailroom and scanning services include:

  • Mail Management – Documents are received from different sources and locations. Mailboxes are set up to streamline the mail collections process
  • Sorting, Preparation and Scanning – Sorting and preparation are executed by a seasoned staff to process mails accurately and reliably. Scanning captures and converts data into a digital image of any size and in any language
  • Printing / mailing solution for mailing purchase orders, vendor checks, customer invoices and dunning letters – Documents in electronic formats are sent to our local partners. These partners locally print the documents and forward these hard copies to respective client customers or vendors
  • Archival, Retrieval and Destruction – The team ensures confidential shredding of physical documents after lifecycle completion and incorporating them into online image and information repositories. If needed, the paper documents are returned to the client, subject to specific client requirements

Optical Character Recognition Solutions

We offer a world class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution with capabilities in automatic extraction of data. Our OCR solution dynamically extracts data based on keyword search using data dictionaries, as opposed to the traditional template-based extraction.

Our OCR solution captures the following information from document images:

  • Barcodes
  • Tables and columns
  • Handwritten text
  • Machine print

Automatic and manual validation is enabled based on business rules and master file look-ups. The key features of our OCR solution include, but are not limited to:

  • Data extraction through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) / Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) / Intelligent Mark Recognition (IMR)
  • Auto document routing based on category through workflow
  • Read and capture data from various structures, semi-structures and unstructured forms
  • Document batch creation feature
  • Click OCR
  • Rubber Band OCR
  • Multi-lingual support of more than 200 languages
  • Interpolation
  • E-mail integration
  • Integration with any third-party ERP or non-ERP system
  • Reporting capabilities

Customized Workflow Solutions

Large volumes of invoices and documents make handling and processing a labor intensive task, which is vulnerable to glitches and errors. We provide world class, platform-independent and scalable business process management engines that enable automation of organizational business processes. The workflow features include, but are not limited to:

  • Automatic introduction of document images by way of server, e-mail and e-fax integration
  • Data indexing and validation
  • Master look-ups and automatic validations based on business rules
  • Approval workflows
  • Exception handling
  • Integration with any third-party ERP or non-ERP system
  • Document archiving and retrieval
  • Reporting capabilities

Case Management Solution

WNS’ case management tool has the capability to accept inputs from multiple channels such as e-mail, web interface and telephone. This tool can track each transaction through its lifecycle and provide real-time reports. It has built-in workflow capability and self-managed control panels to administrate the feature according to the dynamic process requirement.

Transition and Operations Portal

WNS uses the Microsoft SharePoint portal infrastructure to create e-Rooms to share relevant information in a secure manner during the transition and operations phases. These portals provide features such as alerts, access control, version control, and current / historical information. These portals, customized for clients, are not only updated on a periodic basis, but also provide client executives, operations staff, and technology management teams real-time access to relevant data.

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