We powered through network and connectivity issues, and enabled proctored assessments in a virtual environment. In the absence of interviews in offices, timely scheduling of online interviews, and aligning Work-from-Home (WFH) situations of both interviewer and interviewee were significant challenges. Yet, with resilient nimbleness, we meticulously scheduled live video interviews using digital tools. We created specialized interview panels, and mindful of WFH constraints, brought efficiency and speed to virtually connect candidates with panelists.

Social distancing was the norm. But the potent combination of our resilience and resourcefulness combined with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered recruitment and onboarding platform ensured a more ‘connected’ experience for candidates.

A ‘candidate experience’ team and an ‘offer management’ team engaged with candidates to drive personalization in the virtual hiring process. Continuous, multi-channel communication enabled smooth pre-boarding and onboarding activities, including accurate documentation, in a completely digital environment.

Key outcomes from this digital transformation journey in our talent acquisition process include:

  • More than 1,400 resources onboarded — 440+ with niche skills — in less than six months to meet urgent requirements across multiple industries

  • 20 highly-skilled resources were hired within a span of 1 week for a global technology provider

  • Significant reduction in overall sourcing costs

  • Created a strong resume pipeline

At WNS, this is how we unlock future-ready talent. Powered by digital, we raise business outcomes to newer heights for our clients.

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