This is our story of rapidly scaling up pharmacovigilance for a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO) through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics, ensuring data security, cost efficiency and superior reporting capabilities.

As we know…

The volume and complexity of pharmacovigilance data continue to escalate, and pharmaceutical companies face mounting challenges in effectively managing, analyzing and reporting this deluge of information.

To overcome these roadblocks, the sector is leveraging advanced digital and analytics solutions to construct stringent data security frameworks and devise robust, scalable and self-serve reporting mechanisms. Recent innovations have led to cost-efficient strategies, empowering pharmaceutical entities to navigate the complexities of pharmacovigilance while fortifying safety standards and optimizing operational efficiency.

The challenge for the client was…

Managing pharmacovigilance data and reporting across multiple tenants on their Argus Safety platform. With over 250 tenants and a vast repository of case data, the client required a robust reporting and analytics solution that could ensure data security, scalability and flexibility while reducing overall costs.

Key focus areas for the client included:

A Complex Tenant Structure

Managing numerous tenants on a single license and platform, each requiring secure access to their own data without compromising privacy or security

Reporting Diversity

Addressing various reporting needs across tenants, the client sought a unified solution for generating pixel-perfect reports, self-service reporting and data visualization

Data Integration

Beyond Argus Safety serving as the primary data source, the client needed the flexibility to integrate additional data sources, such as clinical systems and file systems, into their reporting framework

Stepping in as a strategic partner…

WNS implemented a comprehensive, SaaS analytics-led pharmacovigilance and compliance solution. Key aspects of the solution included:

Assessment and Analysis:
Conducting an in-depth analysis of the client's reporting and security needs and challenges to identify pain points and areas for improvement

Implementation of the SaaS Solution:
Harnessing our proprietary solution to provide end-users with self-service reporting capabilities, effortlessly generating line listings, summary tabulations and charts

Data Security and Scalability:
Leveraging Snowflake for the data lake to ensure data security across tenants while enabling vertical and horizontal scalability to support high-case volumes

Multi-source Data Integration:
Implementing smart connectors to ingest data from multiple sources into the data lake, enabling seamless integration with Argus Safety and other safety systems

Cost-effective Cloud Deployment:
Deploying all components on the cloud with a usage-based cost model to enable a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the client

As a result of the SaaS deployment…

Our client acquired rapid report development capabilities for quick, impactful data insights and trends. This facilitated informed decision-making, compliance management and operational performance assessment. The solution enhanced data security by ensuring safe access controls so that each tenant could access only their respective data, maintaining data privacy and compliance.

Key outcomes include:



percent cost savings

compared to traditional reporting solutions, owing to a usage-based cost model




faster turnaround time

on ad-hoc reporting and data analysis requests

Seamless scaling up

from ~



caseload to 




With enhanced reporting capabilities, improved decision-making and significant cost savings, our client is well-positioned for future growth in the highly competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

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