With the high cost of bringing a new drug to market, pharmaceutical companies need to zero in quickly on which drugs show the best potential for medical results and growth. Therefore, companies are increasingly making the effort to identify these drugs earlier in the development process, by better understanding and targeting patient populations. This requires aggregating and analyzing data from a number of internal and external medical, economic, and social sources.

WNS has positioned itself for research and analytics expertise to support drug development and commercial services activities with a scope of services to understand and address a targeted patient population by therapeutic and geographic area, and the competitive positioning of the pharma company. Its recent acquisition of Value Edge Services brings in complementary leadership, talent, and tools.

In our recent HfS Blueprint on Pharma BPO for R&D and Commercial Services, we noted that while WNS has a proven model for integrating with client research and analytics teams at pharmaceutical companies, it is in early stages of developing tools and a broader talent base.

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