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Key Points
  • For companies looking to reduce customer support via calls, social media has emerged as a channel with the potential to rewrite some of the conventional rules
  • Customer service on public social networks is about addressing those several hundreds of questions that different communities ask about your brand or service every day
  • Companies need to make key decisions before using social media: like the social footprint they would like, the social contract they would like to have, and what outcomes they expect
  • Voice processes are expected to shrink from current levels of 50-60% to 27-40%, while social media is expected to expand from five percent to 13-26%

Using social media strategy to turn customer service from a cost to a strength while building your brand

Every marketer in this digital world is aware of the power of social media in making if not breaking his brand. What lies beneath this awareness is however, a plethora of questions like ‘Is social media about marketing or customer service?’; ‘What is the right way to deal with social media?’; ‘Is there a way to monetize the opportunity?’; and ‘What will it mean to expand my customer service lines?’ Social media provides a huge opportunity to transform your customer service capabilities from being known as a necessary cost to a necessary strength! Read this WNS whitepaper on how you can build your brand through social customer service.


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