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Key Points
  • Measuring good performance: This can be done by collating data on SL provided by competitors; providing better SL to premium customers will help retain them
  • How consistent should superior SL and customer service be? Rather than increasing headcount to handle more calls 24x7, it’s better to look at providing consistent service level during peak calling hours
  • Staffing appropriately keeping parameters like business interest, law of the land, people satisfaction and cost in mind. This can be an uphill task
  • Managing contractual staffing (basis forecasts) and keeping costs under control simultaneously. It would be ideal to deal with this dilemma by having a consensus between both parties

Like most contact center businesses, have you been baffled by issues related to superior service levels, staffing, scheduling, adherence and the like? Workforce Management (WFM) at the contact center can be a tricky job, considering the multitude of factors that govern contact center dynamics. This WNS whitepaper presents practical tips on how best to manage WFM issues in the contact center and presents a case study on how WNS helped one of its global clients improve upon forecast accuracy with its time-tested WFM model.


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