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Delivering Business Value The power to enable our clients to outperform market conditions stems from our key differentiators in domain expertise, cutting-edge technology and analytics, and a client-centric client-partner approach.
Vertical Approach to Service Delivery

BPM services improve business performance only when they are combined with industry intimacy. Our pioneering vertical approach (industry-specificity) allows us to understand clients’ businesses in-depth. Our deep domain expertise in each industry helps us develop keen insights and transform them into leading edge impactful business solutions with the help of technology, analytics and process rigor.

WNS has strong service capabilities in industries such as banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, consulting and professional services, retail and consumer packaged goods, telecom, shipping and logistics, travel and leisure, and utilities.


Tech-enabled BPM

WNS harnesses its outcome-based transformational solutions built on proprietary frameworks to drive insights and positive outcomes for our clients. We have built our technology architecture to deliver cost-efficiency, higher scalability and agility into client businesses.

We offer proprietary tech-enabled platforms in cross industry solutions such as research and analytics and customer interaction services, and industry-focused solutions for travel, insurance, finance and accounting, banking, telecom and so on. Our platforms offer seamless integration with third-party platforms and custom applications.

Client-centric Client-partner Approach

‘Client First’ is the core value that WNS is driven by. We understand that every business has a unique set of objectives, and therefore, needs a partnership ecosystem that can strategically align with these objectives. We align our people, processes and delivery network according to our clients' businesses. Our talent spans highly qualified professionals from various domains, including actuaries, doctorates, medical professionals, analytical experts and chartered accountants.

With our client-centric client-partner approach, we create a well-defined ecosystem that drives internal business strategies of clients by managing end-to-end process cycles, customer interactions, financial operations, sales enablement, and in essence, multiple efficiency and effectiveness levers, ensuring a significant impact to the top- and bottom-lines of our customers.

Our approach towards innovation is unique. WINCUBATE is an entrepreneurial contest we run within WNS to encourage our talent to create new solutions and products that can enable sticky revenue streams for our clients.

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