Telecom companies are transforming their businesses to synchronize with emerging trends in mobility, cloud, social media and big data. Digital transformation involves building new business models, creating new cross-sell and upsell strategies, and designing customer acquisition and retention campaigns, based on insights extracted from consumer data. Gaining actionable insights from data and transforming them into usage patterns and preferences in a real-time context are critical for creating new products and services that help retain customers and improve profitability.

WNS’ smart strategy solutions enable telecom companies to uncover insights from their data to develop innovative products, strategize product-price bundling and design faster idea-to-cash processes. Our insights also empower companies to aggressively pursue new technologies and services.

The WNS Advantage

Our smart strategy solutions assist our clients to leverage the digital experience, monetize their infrastructure investments and data traffic, boost capabilities, and rationalize product and service offerings.

Domain Expertise: We combine the power of analytics with our rich telecom experience to provide smarter solutions. Our domain experts enhance customer lifetime value and profitability for our clients by improving cross-sell and upsell possibilities, churn prediction and revenue forecasting models. Our skilled workforce elevate our clients’ customer care operations through our advanced analytics strength in contact center operations, customer experience and web traffic.

Embedded Analytics: Our comprehensive and advanced analytics capabilities help our clients accurately read the pulse of their customers and make sound business decisions. We deploy analytics in the areas of web / mobile traffic, supplier performance, campaign management, customer interaction, sales, social media monitoring and loyalty management. Analytics is also embedded in all areas of back-office operations including sales and marketing, collections, network planning and customer care operations. Our data service capabilities include data mining, management, reporting, dashboards, visualization, and model development and calibration. Our market-mix modeling, channel spend optimization and ROI analysis ensure profitable channel management to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

"Analytical Prowess, Consultancy & Strategic Thinking of the WNS R&A team have immensely helped us sharpen our market insights function in the Developing & Emerging Markets. I thank you again for being the passionate champions of emerging markets and for all your help with important analysis and strategy work."

Knowledge & Insights Head for Developing & Emerging Markets of a Global CPG Company

Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award 2016
  • Identification of Global Market Opportunities
  • Consumer Management
  • Process Innovation
  • Collections Management
  • Development of Go-to-Market Strategies
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