The approach to creating a framework for understanding, actioning, and gaining from shopper insights in the entertainment industry

In the pursuit of addressing short-term operational challenges, business managers may often ignore the bigger strategic picture. Having a consistent and relevant framework can address inconsistent approaches to both strategic and tactical problems, and enhance organizational learning. A strategic long-term approach is especially critical for the content-based and rapidly changing home video industry. One of the critical challenges in the home video industry is to make sense of the change in consumption patterns that is taking place. Understanding why and how consumers are changing their behavior can help studios and retailers better react to the changing environment.

This paper outlines the approach to creating a framework for understanding, actioning and gaining from shopper behavior in the home video industry that can help organizations ‘extend their enterprise’ and outperform competition. The integrated shopper insights framework can be leveraged to track the rate at which consumers are migrating across segments and conducting primary research to understand the drivers of these changes.


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