• Blended workforce set up within 24 hours for uninterrupted service — to work from homes and offices

  • Deployed our integrated customer experience model that leverages digital accelerators such as advanced analytics, intelligent automation, cognitive bots and skilled workforce

  • Robust operational governance, proprietary troubleshooting bots, rigorous quality checks and support mechanisms, and digital communication tools for seamless operations

  • 100 percent recovery in Web chat for claims management; the recovery exceeded demand in inbound contact center operations

  • Improved customer experience in sales and service operations in target markets

Our foresight in anticipating disruption in different countries, and proactive measures to ensure employee safety and business continuity, were underpinned by our scalable technology solutions. Digital employee engagement programs kept the teams motivated and reduced their anxiety. We untangled challenges in restrictions by working closely with local governments, and administrative and regulatory bodies.

Our ability to co-create and adapt quickly to the evolving situation helped us pivot to a new model of working within 24 hours. It helped us continuously engage with customers during a time of turmoil and uncertainty, while further strengthening our partnership with the insurer.

WNS’ domain- and digital-led insurance service, underpinned by technology and analytics expertise, helps businesses respond and scale faster to changing market conditions, improve risk mitigation, reduce indemnity spends, lower cost of service and transform end-customer experience.

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