• Working with a digital-first approach, we continuously re-assessed and upgraded our collaborative working tools by deploying multiple security layers, including two-factor authentication and Virtual Private Network login

  • Proactive conversations with the insurer enabled necessary work-from-home approvals ahead of time; 50 percent of the team was operational within 24 hours and 100 percent within 2 weeks of the lock-down

  • WNS set up daily COVID-19 response plan meetings; crucial metrics as well as people and technology updates were shared with the insurer to ensure uninterrupted service delivery

  • We carried out detailed risk assessment in conjunction with IT, security and business teams

  • A virtual command center was established for robust governance; measures included quality monitoring and compliance, employee training, setting up a communications plan and rigorous reporting

  • Predicting a massive surge in underwriting volumes, we hired additional resources across onshore and offshore locations to support back-office functions

Our extensive experience coupled with agile operations and digital prowess enabled the insurance company to not just cope with the challenges from the immediate crisis, but also step-up for roadblocks ahead.

At WNS, our insurance offerings enable clients to accelerate their digital transformation, leveraging domain knowledge, smart automation and analytics to drive intelligent and resilient operations.

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