Client Profile

A leading asset management firm.

The Challenge

The client was faced with two major challenges: one, the lack of structured and standardized operations environment that made timely delivery of research products, unfeasible; and the second, inability of onshore analysts to focus on front-end activities and procure additional business, a result of concentrating on backend work only. Additionally, the client also needed enhancement of its operations window availability.

The client chose WNS after a rigorous selection process, and entrusted WNS with a mandate to:

  • Provide financial assessment of the tenant, based on its latest financials and Dun & Bradstreet Report

  • Generate market data for fact sheets, quarterly reports, presentations and client query resolution

  • Carry out calculations and analysis of the fund's liquidity position to ensure whether enough cash is available to meet obligation (capex, redemption etc) over the next year

  • Update existing models that project financial statements for individual companies on publication of company results

Key Features of the WNS Solution

  • Covenant appraisal

    • Preparing a credit report based on ratio calculated and analyzing the ‘5 Cs’ of credit

    • Performing appraisals for: tenant applications (assignments, sub / under lettings, release / substitution of guarantor etc.), lettings, investment purchases

    • Appointment of contractors / consultants & vetting of potential JV partners

  • Company analysis

    • Taking existing models that project financial statements for individual companies

    • On publication of company results, update models replacing projections with actual for the period that results are announced for

    • Preparing the output sheet and assumption sheet for financial models

Extending Your Enterprise

WNS extended the client’s enterprise by transforming the approach for calculating key financial numbers, building a dedicated team of skilled analysts, improving the client’s approach for calculating key financial numbers and creating a sustainable offshore business model, hence enabling the client to focus on key engagements.

Benefits Delivered

  • Increased scope and product coverage

  • Built a client-dedicated team staffed with highly educated, skilled, and committed analysts

  • Reduced Turn Around Time (TAT) from seven days to three days for covenant appraisal

  • Maintained a library of more than 300 research reports on a weekly basis

  • The WNS team currently supports 18 processes on a day-to-day basis, which includes high-end research like preparing financial models, writing credit reports and performance reporting for funds

  • Created customized products / templates to suit the client’s diverse requirements

  • Created a process manual to get consistent results for all processes covered

  • Standardized the approach for calculating key financial numbers such as Enterprise Value (EV), Earnings before Interest, Taxes,Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), Free Cash Flow (FCF) and leverage, among others

  • Created a sustainable offshore business model enabling the client to focus on key engagements

About WNS

WNS has a proven track-record in driving significant enhancements for a wide range of clients in a business process outsourcing (BPO) environment. WNS has delivered substantial improvements across the entire value chain using both WNS proprietary and customized, client-specific technology solutions (scripting, workflow management, real-time reporting, automated training, knowledge libraries, and so on), as well as comprehensive process re-engineering and task enhancement initiatives (such as Six Sigma programs, training re-engineering, macros and operational tools, Pareto optimization, etc). WNS is passionate about building a market leading company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities.

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