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Key Points
  • In the recent past, the airline industry in India has incurred tremendous operating losses, exposing the aviation value chain to great financial risks

  • India's airlines can embark on a path of profitable growth by reducing operating costs, controlling cost of capital, improving employee productivity, ensuring better yield per route, better fleet utilization, and ensuring high customer satisfaction levels

  • Strategic partnership with a mature Business Process Management (BPM) partner, such as WNS, with deep domain expertise can lead to transformations that can enable airline companies to turn growth into profitability

The airline industry in India has experienced turbulent times in the recent past, much like its global counterparts. The industry needs to address some key cost issues to achieve operational profitability, and leverage India’s strategic geographical location to realize its potential of becoming a major hub for air traffic in Asia.

This whitepaper recommends a new flight plan for India’s airlines, which comprises partnering with mature Business Process Management (BPM) players with deep domain expertise. Other recommendations include driving initiatives to enhance fleet utilization, improve productivity, reduce cost of capital, transform business model, thereby turning growth into profitability.


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