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Key Points
  • An organization faces challenges as it grows. How it handles these challenges determines its success
  • Most companies know very little about where and how they can deploy knowledge processes to drive decisions within their organizations
  • Analytics outsourcing resolves the challenges associated with becoming a knowledge competitor
  • The solution may lie in transitioning to a knowledge center of competency (CoC), which ensures that knowledge discovery is standardized to avoid multiple versions of the truth

Gaining competitive advantage with analytics outsourcing

  • Understanding customer behavior in different regions
  • Monitoring and optimizing marketing spend
  • Driving sales force productivity to the next level
  • Establishing and optimizing logistics to gain supply chain efficiency
  • Reducing risk
  • Entering new markets with a targeted strategy

If accomplished, these goals can quickly differentiate a company from its competitors.

But how does a company achieve these goals or surmount these challenges? By competing with knowledge and driving their decision science by actionable insight!


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