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As CFOs aggressively pursue strategic growth for their enterprises, there is an overwhelming need for a digitally enabled finance function that can drive real-time intelligence and collaboration – both within and beyond. Furthermore, the pandemic and the ensuing economic impact have necessitated that CFOs accelerate their digital finance journey. Accounts Payable (AP), with a direct line of sight into the supply chain as well as working capital and compliance, becomes the focal point in this journey.

However, there remains a wide gulf between the desired state and the current state of most AP functions.

  • 36 percent firms using paper invoicing

  • 47 percent relying on manual processes for approval

  • 49 percent payments still being made by checks

  • 55 percent paper-based suppliers

  • Only 19 percent of early payment opportunities captured

As effective working capital management becomes key to surviving and thriving in the new order of business, it’s imperative to drive a digitally connected AP function – enhancing supplier relationships, improving working capital and reducing fraud exposure.

A ‘Future-ready AP Intelligence Hub,’ underpinned by an open and collaborative digital ecosystem, is the way forward. Tradeshift and WNS present a timely and insightful paper, detailing the key elements, efficacy and real-world outcomes of an AP Intelligence Hub.

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