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The U.S. Treasury estimates that over USD 300 Billion illicit proceeds are laundered in the country’s financial system every year. Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) are paying heavy penalties for failing to comply with regulatory norms around money laundering. With digitization opening many channels for criminals and terrorists to funnel illicit money easily, the pressure is on the banking industry to bring in better Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) initiatives.

The primary challenges for banks and FIs are:

  • Outdated rules and systems

  • Cumbersome compliance norms

  • Siloed data sources

  • Lack of innovative and agile solutions

Innovative digital solutions, analytics and artificial intelligence can help banks and FIs transform their AML and CFT initiatives. They can address gaps in banking operations, and optimize resources and costs. Partnering with third-party players with proven expertise in analytics will help banks and FIs successfully and cost-effectively counter the rising menace of money laundering and financing of terrorism.



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