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Key Points
  • How can shared services centers (SSCs) make sustainable improvement in transactional functions by moving up the maturity curve, truly becoming strategic to the business?
  • SSC organizations must change the operating model, optimize processes through technology, and leverage the knowledge inherent in the operation to create business insights
  • Model adjustments that will take SSCs up the maturity curve include aligning processes, changing from shared management to shared utility and moving to a blended sourcing model
  • Process optimization can be done through tools like intelligent enablement, self-service channels, automated matching and transaction allocation

Shared services centers move up the maturity curve

The microscope is on the performance of the estimated 2,500+ finance and accounting shared services operations worldwide now reaching a level of steady-state performance maturity. What is next for these centers as today's economic realities, in concert with increased competition and globalization, demand more?

This whitepaper sets forth a point of view relative to the opportunities for Shared Services Centers (SSCs) to move up the maturity curve, providing incremental value to reposition the operation as a strategic differentiator.


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