Key Points
  • RePaxSM is an integrated solution to resolve the raging issue of inconvenience and dissatisfaction for airline passengers due to flight disruptions
  • It is a fully automated, on-demand solution to help airlines manage flight disruptions better, with minimal manual intervention
  • Helps manage the situation seamlessly – from informing the passenger and airline authorities about the disruption (almost real-time), prioritizing and re-booking passengers to processing refunds and reserving hotels for eligible passengers

RePaxSM is a best-in-class ‘flight disruption management’ solution built to fully automate the lengthy and tedious process of informing passengers about flight delays / cancellations, and / or re-booking tickets for them. Watch this video to learn how this unique WNS tool can help airline companies manage flight disruptions better with minimal manual intervention; and thereby, avoid major revenue loss and any negative brand impact caused by customer dissatisfaction.

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