WNS has bagged the prestigious award for its innovation-led initiatives targeted to foster process improvements, cost savings and best practices. WNS’ Business Process Excellence and Transformation Framework rests on three business-centric pillars – excellence, evaluation and engagement. Each pillar has focused initiatives that engage employees to contribute new ideas and best practices that are recognized and shared across the organization.

Lean Six Sigma methodologies and in-house quality programs help generate (and implement) new ideas for process improvements, cost savings, increased revenue or best practices.  WNS has effective reporting mechanisms for process-improvement initiatives and time-bound audits to track expected outcomes. Employees are motivated toward continuous improvement by way of communication, training and talent management.


About Golden Peacock Awards

Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute of Directors, are regarded as a benchmark of corporate excellence worldwide. Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat receives over 1,000 entries every year for various awards from over 25 countries worldwide. These awards are presented to organizations in different sectors that have demonstrated the most significant achievement in their fields of operations.

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