Building agile, collaborative and low-cost supply chains is a top priority for Retail and CPG companies that are looking at increased and sustained business growth. These companies are increasingly partnering with retail and CPG outsourcing solutions providers to achieve the best results.

The industry is faced with many challenges such as economic uncertainty, changing consumer patterns, shorter product lifecycles, increased product options and stricter compliance requirements. With consumer buying becoming unpredictable, both buyers and suppliers are stocking limited retail inventory, in turn creating supply chain disruptions. Many retailers are also finding it difficult to optimize the supply chain network, handle different suppliers for multiple sales channels worldwide and contain logistics costs. It is imperative for retail and CPG companies to look at driving down retail supply chain costs through consolidation and supply chain mergers in order to keep operational costs manageable, while at the same time improving service levels.

Given that supply chain management has become a daunting task, many companies are engaging retail supply chain outsourcing companies.

WNS provides retail supply chain outsourcing solutions that allow companies to effectively manage complex supply chains by streamlining operations and using advanced technology to reduce costs and optimize supply chain management. The WNS Retail Supply Chain solution provides retailer-supplier collaboration for demand-driven supply chain and retail execution management. WNS enhances supplier performance and risk monitoring, streamlines contract management with partners and suppliers. WNS's solution help in supply chain orchestration – global trade shared services, trading partner helpdesks and logistics.

WNS Retail Supply Chain Solutions have been designed to:.

  • Enable retailer-supplier collaboration
  • Lower supply chain costs
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Enable accurate demand forecast
  • Facilitate higher inventory turns
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