The hyper-competitive and dynamic airline industry demands flexible and agile responses from industry players. Sensing changing market conditions and fine tuning operations to meet the evolving requirements is critical to ensuring sustained profitability and growth. However, the complexity and magnitude of airline operations makes continual monitoring and analysis a daunting challenge. Silo’d revenue management and related commercial solutions fail to deliver desired results due to poor quality data and output that is incapable of supporting enhanced decision-making. Critical areas such as interline pricing, sales and alliances lack analytical capabilities, further hampering revenue optimization. According to industry estimates, airlines risk losing at least 1-2 percent of their revenues due to these challenges. A holistic commercial planning suite that continually monitors, analyzes and strategically supports revenue management, sales, pricing, code sharing and partnerships can make all the difference.

WNS’ Commercial Planning Suite (CPS) adopts an integrated approach to commercial planning to drive higher revenues and efficiency for airlines. It is a comprehensive suite spanning various commercial planning areas. The service comprises an array of decision support solutions, and data visualization and analytics tools built on the foundation of a data infrastructure platform. A cloud-based big data repository stores all relevant revenue data – both historical and current – to drive quick, high impact decision making. The solution can be easily integrated with airline’s reservation, revenue accounting and revenue management systems, and can be accessed across devices to support the full spectrum of strategy development, planning, and execution.

Key features

Airline Revenue Management Analytics

  • Analyzes fares in each RBD across passenger segments and channels to help you respond quickly to competitor fare changes
  • Identifies inaccuracies in layering of fares at various levels of aggregation and provides a remediation mechanism to prevent revenue loss

Code Share and Interline Airline Analytics

  • Views and analyzes the performance of code share / interline partners at various levels of aggregation to quickly identify code share flight opportunities
  • Demonstrates incremental portion of partner performance and enables carriers to understand and analyze their ‘balance of trade’ with partner airlines Enables comparison of ‘pre-alliance’ and ‘predicted post-alliance’ prices to quantify the extent of price surge in the post-alliance state to enhance revenue opportunities

Sales Analytics

  • Includes features such as cost of sale analyzer, contract builder, corporate/agency performance analyzer, etc.
  • Analyzes high and low yield sectors and trends through route performance analyzer for optimized performance
  • Generates reports and recommendations on low yield sectors through root-cause analysis for accurate, fact-based decision making

SPA and MPA Analytics

  • Analyzes and optimizes the base amount and provisos for superior profitability
  • Enables periodic review of terms to maintain competitiveness and ensure contracts continue to be mutually beneficial to the parties involved
  • Provides historical performance, what-if capabilities for exchange data, and comparative rates on existing partners

Key business benefits

  • Leverage seamless data storage and management through cloud-based Big Data repository to respond rapidly to evolving market conditions
  • Optimize your network with speed and efficiency through impactful decisions based on actionable insights
  • Strategically integrate the information flowing through the commercial planning functions including scheduling, pricing, sales, revenue accounting and revenue management to optimize passenger and cargo revenues
  • Maximize revenues by identifying and preventing sources of revenue leakage and deploying optimal pricing strategies
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