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Building blocks for enabling change

What strategies need to be top of the agenda for CFOs today to set the stage for big wins tomorrow?

Key findings at a glance

To overcome the challenges presented by a post-pandemic world, CFOs are assessing their organizations’ capabilities to drive change successfully. This entails everything from their approach to transformation and the role of third-party service providers to talent and change management.


More than 60% of organizations consider a centralized finance under CFO sponsorship and oversight to be the most effective in driving successful change in the finance function


Over 40% of organizations that are leveraging third-party support are driving organization-wide digital adoption compared to less than 30% that are not


More than 60% of CFOs believe that having a robust change management practice is extremely important to drive a successful change initiative


More than two-thirds of the surveyed CFOs consider workforce upskilling / reskilling as extremely important in driving transformation

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About the survey

To understand how CFOs’ roles and business imperatives are evolving, Everest Group conducted a global survey covering the perspectives of finance leaders from major organizations across geographies and industries.







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