Global CFO Survey By Everest Group, Supported by WNS

Key Highlights

Global CFO Survey By Everest Group, Supported by WNS

Most CFOs consider permanent changes in regulations, fundamental shifts in customer buying patterns and work force expectations as the key factors impacting the new normal

More than 50% of CFOs consider embedding more robust BCP plans essential for the new normal

Reducing cost of operations was lowest amongst priorities, with re-assessing business strategy on the top

More than 50% of CFOs are supporting their organization to drive proactive initiatives to be future-ready

More than 50% are concerned about increasing liability & risk exposure resulting for new modes of working

More than 80% of CFOs will leverage shared services and third-party providers to design and execute on transformation

Future-ready organizations will be more agile, faster at decision-making, digitally-enabled, resilient and able to attract best talent

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Global CFO Survey

Today's CFO is Changing the Future Odds to Establish Tomorrow's Digital-only Enterprise

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