Transformation for Strategic Procurement and Linked Finance Functions

Rapid technological disruptions, data explosion, relentless regulatory changes and the need for agile enterprise models to stay ahead of the competition — CFOs face a host of challenges as they seek the right operating models, tools and best-in-class processes to transform Finance into a strategic leadership function.

WNS’ Procure-to-Pay (P2P) services encompass innovative and sustainable future operating models with best practices and best-of-breed digital technologies to solve specific customer challenges across industries. It brings together proprietary transformation frameworks, platforms, and service and solution offerings to create unprecedented value across the procurement and payments lifecycle.


Multi-faceted Digital Dimension to P2P

WNS’ solutions and services achieve holistic transformation of an enterprise’s P2P function to maximize and accelerate strategic outcomes and benefits. Through an integrated approach, we transform the following key levers across the procurement value chain:

  • Centralization vs. decentralization

  • Outsourcing vs. retained responsibilities

  • Organization structure

  • Lean and agile operating model

  • Location strategy

  • Process and policy efficiency

  • IT asset optimization

Our intelligent integration of platforms, frameworks, products and solutions — both proprietary and through partnerships — enable organizations to be future-ready and achieve ‘ahead-of-the-competition’ success in the areas of:

  • Catalog and Purchase Request (PR)-to-Purchase Order (PO) cycles

  • Centralized mailroom and scanning

  • Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) for paper and e-mail invoices

  • Electronic invoicing for Straight-Through-Processing

  • Digitized End-to-End (E2E) Accounts Payable (AP) processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven workflow tools

  • Discrepancies management using collaborative features

  • Automated payment processing

  • Increased efficiency in Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

  • AP reporting through real-time dashboards and reports

  • Self-service Master Data Management (MDM) in supplier data management

  • Self-service supplier portal for AP queries

  • Fraud and revenue leakage detection for travel and expense

  • Dynamic discounting and supply chain finance

The WNS Advantage

Future-ready Agility

Leveraging WNS’ OCF, our P2P services enhance the finance function with future-ready agility across the entire value chain. Stepping beyond traditional benchmarks of financial outperformance, OCF enables enterprises to assess the impact of market disruptions, their capabilities to respond to them and readiness levels of technology adoption – for growth, leadership and competitive advantage.

E2E Digital-led Transformation

WNS’ P2P services provide the right-fit solution through its extensive technology offerings to transform the E2E P2P process. Our service offerings include cloud-based catalogs, PR-to-PO, invoice-to-pay-cycle, payments, analytics and tail-spend solutions. We also offer deep domain and delivery expertise in upstream areas of category management, sourcing strategies and contract lifecycle management.

Automation, Collaboration and Self-service

Leveraging cloud and B2B networks, WNS’ P2P services achieve the much sought-after need for scale in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and e-invoicing. We address both technology and regulatory challenges, and our automation, collaboration and self-service features realize significant value for all supplier sizes.

Versatile Payment Options

Through trade finance options of dynamic discounting, supply chain finance, e-invoicing and supplier portal, WNS’ P2P services achieve high e-invoice penetration. Additionally, we offer newer payment alternatives such as virtual credit cards to address the challenge of trade finance faced by all stakeholders in the supply chain. This provides the much-needed visibility, reduces cost of operations and improves DPO for organizations.

Our Proprietary Solutions


A unified and comprehensive suite of technology solutions, WNS’ CFO TRAC equips CFOs to address digitally disruptive changes, both external and internal. Cloud-based and mobile-friendly, it is available in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.

Underpinned by emerging technologies, advanced analytics and process innovation frameworks, WNS’ CFO TRAC offers an end-to-end and integrated solution for financial planning, budgeting and operations. Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities and intelligent automation, it drives higher process efficiencies and transactional accuracy to transform the finance function, and establishes benchmarks for better governance and regulatory compliance.





A one-stop platform for insights on financial controls, WNS’ Financial-Intelligence-in-a-Box deploys advanced analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect and prevent vulnerable transactions. Available in PaaS or in Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) models, it provides:

  • Pay group analysis — to process design flaws, inefficient controls and potential frauds

  • Trend analysis — to compare budget vs. actuals, forecast payments and investigate abnormal spikes

  • Digit distribution analysis — to detect potential frauds, limit abuse, identify repetitive small-value payments

  • Text analysis — to detect abnormal invoice descriptions, frequent personal names and locations

  • Fuzzy duplicate analysis — to detect fraudulent vendors and process inefficiencies

  • Category-wise outlier expense analysis

  • Pay term and discount analysis

Third-party Partnerships

Tradeshift (Buy, Pay, Go Modules)

A cloud-based business network platform connecting all stakeholders across the supply chain, Tradeshift drives transformation across the entire P2P process. It enables e-invoicing, AI- and machine learning-driven automation, collaboration and analytics. Through its innovative third-party application ecosystem, Tradeshift enables tail-spend management, integrated early payments for all spectrum of suppliers, Anti-money Laundering (AML), Value-added Tax (VAT) recovery, and more. It drives service-level agreement-driven supplier onboarding by deploying applications.

Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) offer an effective and alternative payment solution to traditional payment methods (such as checks, electronic fund transfers and wires). Implemented in partnership with Optal (a leading global company for business-to-business transactions), VCCs create buyer and supplier control of payments made and received, and streamline payment processes to eliminate hidden inefficiencies.

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