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Businesses face competitive forces, elusive sales conversions, demanding customers, inflationary pressures, spiraling costs and an increasingly stringent regulatory environment each day, in an effort to outperform.

Every business, in fact, views outperformance from a different lens. The four areas given below are often at the top of the list.

How easy is it to achieve any of them? Can a business aim at growth and loyalty in demanding and unpredictable business environs?

Some of the world's most renowned businesses – including insurers, banking and financial institutions, airlines and hoteliers, retailers and CPG brands, utilities, shipping and logistics companies – manage to not only survive it all, but also outperform!

How do they do it?


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Shipping and Logistics

A Logistics Company Drives Outperformance; Plugs Revenue Leakage of USD 11 Mn

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Revenue Growth

Protecting and growing the top-line is a key business goal for any organization today. Growing revenue could take the form of adding alternate revenue channels like a leading online travel agency did to enhance its offline revenue generation; or it could mean increasing the scope and coverage of your products like a leading global asset management company achieved. It could also mean adopting new ways to boost sales productivity like a leading insurer did. In fact, the customer care center can generate revenue with a simple change to an organization's DNA. Social Media and Analytics can also be productively harnessed for revenue growth.

Customer Loyalty

Today's consumer has never had more options and opportunities to do business with competitors. Knowing customers well-enough and engaging with them meaningfully are almost directly proportional to winning their loyalty.

Meaningful engagement with customers across channels can drive personalized conversations with them, and constant evaluation and benchmarking of the analytical play will form the foundation of a sound customer engagement strategy

Cash Efficiencies

A strong cash flow is often perceived as the foundation for a well-performing stock. Two factors play an important role in driving efficiencies within working capital management – process re-engineering and Process Enhancement Technologies & Services (PETS*).

Automating Accounts Payable, reducing unallocated cash, increasing control around working capital management, enhancing debt recoveries and driving efficiencies into revenue accounting and recovery are also core to cash management.

* According to Gartner, "Process Enhancement Technologies & Services (PETS) represent both applications (such as Accounts Payable automation) and services (such as an e-invoicing network or a scanning specialist) that are necessary to overcome shortcomings in existing Finance & Accounting (F&A) solutions."

Risk Management

Managing business or compliance risk is cumbersome and challenging. Be it SOX, Solvency II, Solvency Modernization Initiative, Basel-II, XBRL, the Simplified Interline Settlement, the Retail Distribution Review, or IFRS, businesses are grappling with regulatory compliance on one hand and managing business-specific risks, such as insurance claim frauds, credit card frauds and payment defaults, on the other.