A well-planned and effectively managed transition is the cornerstone of any outsourcing relationship. It helps to set vision for an engagement, delivers business value and transforms operating environments. A well-executed transition helps clients to focus on business priorities and implement optimum operating models that unlock additional value beyond cost reduction and process standardization.

At WNS, our transition approach is structured to deliver great business outcomes by:

  • Ensuring minimum risk and rapid migration of services to build optimum delivery models
  • Enabling efficient ramp up with minimal disruption to existing business, metrics, customers and suppliers
  • Effecting seamless change management of transformative tools and technologies
  • Efficiently managing incumbent governance for issue-free change management

Transitions at WNS are planned and delivered using clear and well defined project plans which are aligned to our clients’ business objectives and optimized for high speed and low risk. All activities and related aspects of the transition are managed by dedicated transition managers who lead multi-functional teams drawn from business operations, training, quality assurance, technology, recruitment, HR, facilities and compliance.

At its core, all aspects of the transition journey are governed by EnABLE, our proprietary transition methodology and toolkit, which has been tested and evolved over 20 years. EnABLE embeds diligent multi-level governance, superior visibility and transparency, uncompromising flexibility, and meticulous compliance across the entire transition lifecycle. We have transitioned more than 4,000 FTEs per year with a 99 percent on-time performance and 80 percent of SLAs met within four weeks of beginning ‘live’ work.

The WNS Differentiators

High Customer-centricity

Our best practice of ‘early transition voice of customer’ identifies and addresses all opportunities to outperform on the client’s objectives and success criteria. Our average customer satisfaction score of 8.6 / 10 and NPS score of 68 demonstrates our unflinching commitment to our customers.

Impeccable Governance

Our multi-level governance approach ensures that transition reviews are conducted at all levels right up to the COO. Risks are assessed and proactive support is provided to transition teams to achieve clients’ objectives.

Strong Leadership and Experience

We have a robust and mature transition methodology with a 20+ year track record of proven success in managing and delivering transitions from clients and major incumbent players.

Global Presence

Our team of skilled transition managers operate from all our major global delivery locations. Our agile and instantly deployable team is always available for clients’ specific needs.

Client Speak

WNS Transitions Scorecard


‘EnABLE’ is our mature, result-oriented and proprietary transition methodology. It is built on Six Sigma and Prince 2 program management principles, and has evolved from our rich experience of 20+ years. Our success stories of more than 1,200 transitions for more than 250 clients across the globe span nine verticals and five horizontal service lines.

EnABLE is a time tested, well-defined, robust and rigorous framework, flexible to accommodate unique client situations and requirements. Potential risks and issues are proactively identified; effective mitigation plans are executed in the transition phase to ensure continuity of service.

What Makes EnABLE Unique?

  • Upfront ‘discovery’ of processes and operating environment allows early optimization of the business solution with to-be processes, tool design, change management and risk planning
  • Rigorous adherence to tollgates embeds robust tracking, reporting and change control processes minimizes disruption to services as teams focus on the right goals
  • Comprehensive visibility of operations includes mandatory agreement of SLAs and reporting processes to ensure transparency of operations from Day 1

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