In-depth understanding of customer behavior is a prerequisite for gaining competitive advantage. Hence organizations, whose business is driven by consumer insights, invest heavily in market research and data analytics services. But, most often, this research lies in silos between the client’s global organization and its research partners, and needs a specialist to database it as a single user interface. This severely limits the organization’s marketing efforts in many ways – getting a global brand overview, understanding ongoing marketing initiatives, and measuring their impact.

WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM, supported by Infotools, enables clients to overcome these challenges. By extracting more value from existing research, the solution drives widespread access and genuine data engagement to deliver top-class analytics and decision-making. This also significantly reduces the need to commission new research and data analytics services each time.

Here’s How Research Reuse with WADESM Works:

The solution begins with sourcing the respondent level data from the company’s research agency. WADESM and Infotools transform this data into a user-friendly and well-organized knowledge bank.

At the heart of the solution lies Harmoni — a tool designed for researchers by researchers — which gives you the power to mine your existing data again and again, eliminating information wastage and saving costs.

This data is then processed by WADESM, a solution framework from WNS to enable an organization to scale analytical maturity and become fact-based in the way it thinks and acts to achieve long-term growth.

Ownership of Data+Innovation Analytics = Greater Business Impact

WADESM gives you absolute control over your existing research data to unearth hidden insights. With these tools at your fingertips, you can take the time to think about what your research is really telling you.

So, the next time you feel the need to commission new research, all you have to do is reuse your existing research to gain actionable insights.

Benefits of Research Reuse with WADESM

  • Data comes to life with 3D charts and other schematic visuals that can dramatically change the way you take decisions
  • It becomes possible to uncover relationships in your research you did not know existed – Get the ability to predict business outcomes from existing research
  • In-depth analysis and tactical questions get answered in a few minutes – Earn higher Research on Investment (RoI) on research spends by saving significant dollars in driving efficiency and effectiveness in your business processes
  • ‘Innovation Analytics’ becomes easy
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