Evolving customer expectations. Rapid digitization. Data proliferation. Insights-driven decision-making. Shorter time-to-market. Your business has to navigate challenges like these on multiple fronts.

As you strategize to balance growth, innovation, transformation and customer experience, let’s focus on turning challenges to opportunities. Underpin your strategies with WNS’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation TRACTM to unlock operational excellence, rapid growth, always-on innovation and customer loyalty.

Delivering Value with WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC™

WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM is a comprehensive suite of automation solutions that offers:

  • Proprietary, industry-specific and cross-industry solutions for targeted verticals and horizontals
  • Platform augmentation solutions built on select partner products
  • Third-party robotic process automation bots for rule-based and knowledge-based processing
  • Bespoke intelligent automation solutions leveraging cognitive technologies, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC™ – A Snapshot

The WNS Advantage

  • We deliver what your business needs: We co-create customized solutions that our clients’ businesses demand backed by our deep domain expertise and collaborative approach. WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM delivers high-impact outcomes – every single time.

  • We take a 360-degree approach to automation: WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM is a holistic, all-in-one solution that addresses the entire automation lifecycle – from consulting to development and support as well as managed services. The solution is built on the powerful foundation of proprietary / partner-driven bots, cognitive technologies, machine learning, AI and partner-driven augmentation solutions. This foundation drives strong business impact through automation.

  • And above all, we are result-driven: Our outcome-based pricing or unit transaction pricing with risk-reward sharing ensures cost-effective, low risk, high reward investment for businesses that are just starting off on their RPA & Intelligent Automation journey.

Discover the benefits WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRACTM can unlock for your business.

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