Access the Next Frontier in Supply Management: Leverage Integrated Spend Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Insufficient visibility into spending is one of the biggest challenges for organizations even as they struggle to keep pace with digital advancements, increasing competition and globalized supply chains. On-demand access to accurate, company-wide spend data helps businesses identify savings opportunities, execute robust sourcing, budgeting and product strategies and ensure compliance.

WNS’ Spend Analytics solution, built on the foundation of Rosslyn Analytics platform (RAPiD), enables decision-makers to harness the power of analytics to achieve true spend visibility. The solution helps to centralize, classify, search, and improve data quality in order to derive meaningful and actionable business insights in real-time. It enables businesses to identify roadblocks to effective spend management and unlock the value in the growing spend data, thereby improving sourcing success and enhancing competitiveness.

Key Features

  • Enables integration, cleansing, and enrichment of spend and supplier data in addition to advanced analytics and visualization capabilities
  • Provides categorization capabilities for up to 95 percent of the spend data
  • Delivers analytics-driven business insights by leveraging existing and advanced reports

Key benefits

  • Faster realization of value through spend optimization across the enterprise
  • Rapid problem resolution and elimination of bottlenecks by leveraging real time spend insights
  • Identification of better sourcing opportunities and risks through advanced spend analysis reports

  A leading global aviation player harnesses WNS’ Spend Analytics solution to improve margins and drive cost synergies

Scope of Engagement

  • Provide domain and technical expertise to extract, review and appropriately classify spend data
  • Segregate, benchmark and analyze the classified data to yield actionable business insights for potential spend optimization opportunities

Business Benefits

  • In the pilot phase, potential business benefits of around GBP 100 Mn were identified, amounting to about 20 percent of the company’s total spend
  • Different expense heads amounting to more than GBP 100 Mn in areas such as ‘spend items tagged to ramp handling’ and ‘spend items tagged to cargo’ demonstrated the potential for cost reduction when subjected to proper analysis
  • WNS provided the client with valuable insights into areas where their spending exceeded industry average, and also areas where re-negotiation or cost saving initiatives could be implemented
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