Rate loading is a crucial component for the travel industry where numerous agreements and contracts are executed every day. Errors in rate loading leads to overbookings, customer dissatisfaction and revenue leakages.

A holistic framework for rate loading is the answer to enhanced efficiencies, accuracy, revenue enhancement and speed-to-market for hotels, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

WNS’ Rate Loading Center of Excellence (CoE) is a comprehensive and highly contextualized framework that offers proactive solutions leveraging domain expertise, analytics, cutting-edge technologies, best practices and industry-specific rate loading capabilities.

End-to-End Future-ready Capabilities

With WNS’ Rate Loading CoE, hotels and OTAs have comprehensive capabilities to design, deliver, manage, optimize and accelerate the maturity of their rate loading and associated services.


Key Features

The value proposition of WNS’ Rate Loading CoE is built on four pillars that are mapped to key asks and evolving disruptions of the industry.


Key Benefits
  • ~10 percent enhancement in rate loading accuracy

  • ~12-17 percent boost in RoI

  • ~20 percent improvement in first point of resolution by leveraging interaction analytics

  • ~50 percent reduction in social media analytics cost of ownership

  • ~50 percent improvement in turnaround time

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and net promoter score due to reduced overbookings

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