The education sector is at crossroads. Revenues are declining and administrative costs are soaring. The popularity of online courses has also put a dampener on the growth prospects of many established institutions. They now have little choice but to explore new avenues of growth. A few have adopted digital technology and analytics-driven methods to transform their administrative processes. Some have embraced the idea of shared services models. Others have begun evaluating their delivery models. Many are looking at third-party solution providers that can offer cost efficiencies.

At WNS, we combine our rich Business Process Management (BPM) experience, technology and domain expertise to assist educational institutions looking to grow in the new world order. Our solutions backed by analytical capabilities cover a gamut of operations in Human Resources (HR), Finance and Accounting (F&A) and Administration. This enables institutions to focus on their core area of business and provide better services to their customers.

Through WNS’ source-to-procure solutions, the university improved its purchase order compliance
WNS’ analytics-based modeling solution enabled the institute to improve cost efficiency in enrollment
WNS enabled the client to track lead generation in various channels such as E-mail queries, calls, Web and cha..

The WNS Advantage

Domain Expertise

We have a large pool of domain experts who understand the nuances of the education sector. Our collaborations with leading institutions uniquely position us to work in any operational area of the industry. From pre-enrollment to alumni support, our experts leverage best practices to strengthen and grow the institutions we partner.


Our deep understanding of the education sector has enabled us to build solutions and manage services in F&A, contact center, HR, helpdesk, content management and marketing. From accounts payables and receivables to student relationship management, website support and digital campaigns, our offerings tackle the myriad challenges in the education industry.

Integrated solutions

Our BPM solutions align people, process and technology seamlessly for superior business outcomes. We work with our customers to identify areas of interest or issues and build targeted solutions. Our partnerships have assisted educational institutions to turn around their performance. The scope of our integrated campus management solution extends from services in admissions to alumni support.

Center of Excellence

We build and implement transformation solutions through our Center of Excellence (CoE). Using analytics, we have improved class occupancy, delivered superior campus services and driven cost savings. WNS has experience in designing, setting up and running shared services centers under various partnership and pricing models. We work closely with our customers to design the most relevant solution and ensure continuous improvements in the processes. We deliver services across the globe through multiple sourcing options such as offshore, nearshore and onshore.

"Over the past 4 years, our relationship with WNS has become a real partnership. This allows us to explore new opportunities to support the development of our business."

Content Head, Leading UK Publisher and Provider of Solutions

WNS Wins Gold in Three Categories at the Stevie Awards 2015
Pre Admission

  • General Enquiries
  • Admissions Helpdesk
  • Application and Selection
  • Registrations
  • Visa and Travel Helpdesk
  • Social Media and Market Sentiments
  • Global Sales Office

  • Application Management
  • Student Onboarding
  • Housing and Logistics Helpdesk
  • Background Verification

  • Teaching and Learning Support Systems
  • Assignments and Examinations
  • Library Management
  • Research Assistance
  • Distance / Online Learning Support
  • Program and Course Management

  • Student Retention Desk
  • Performance management
  • Course Subscriptions
  • Clubs and Communities’ Management
  • Mailroom Services
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Database Management
Support Services

  • Fees and Payroll helpdesk
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Procurement
  • IT help desk support
  • Labs and Materials Management
Alumni and Market Support

  • Grants and Aid management
  • Surveys and Campaigns
  • Advertising and Marketing
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