As per McKinsey, 70 percent of buying experiences is based on how customers feel they are treated. Your call center representatives are the front line of your business. Empowering them to deliver consistent and outstanding customer service can give you advantage over competition. Especially in the times of social media, a positive word-of-mouth broadcasting of common customer experiences can do wonders for your business. However, central to continually delivering customer delight is a robust and objective Quality monitoring program which provides business critical feedback and insights, and effectively forms the backbone of your training and development needs.

WNS specializes in providing remote customer contact monitoring and customer satisfaction monitoring to maximize the value of your contact center and enhance customer experience. Our remote contact monitoring program conform to industry benchmarks and are designed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business, leading to efficient time utilization, business improvement and cost benefits. Our team of domain experts and analysts provide quick turnaround to address key areas for immediate improvement. Our customer satisfaction framework leverages predictive mechanism to generate powerful and actionable insights.

WNS’ Customer Contact Monitoring Solution includes:

  • Audit Scope Covering
    • Inbound and /or outbound Quality monitoring
    • Chat and e-mail Quality monitoring
    • Data entry compliance monitoring
    • Verification audits for sales / claims / accounting processes
  • Remote Coaching and Feedback through Automated Tool Q+
  • Robust Training Need Identification Framework
  • Reports and Analytics basis Audits Conducted
  • Business Insights
  • Process Mapping
  • Identification of high risk failure points > designing of audit framework

How the Process Works:

The WNS Advantage

Proprietary and Automated Web-based Tool: Our proprietary tool Q+ gives you the advantage of customized audit forms and detailed online reporting on an ongoing basis in calibrated formats.

Objective Call Center Evaluation via Mystery Shopper Plan: A well-planned transaction monitoring program can yield invaluable data on the quality of your call center service interaction. We work with you to design a customized Quality form and metrics to be tracked. We include all the variables unique to your industry. We tailor the Quality program to focus on identified problem areas.

Specialized Compliance Audit: Our transaction monitoring associates can monitor your transactions for policy violations, Right Party Contact language, FDCPA violations, and abusive and risky language (from either party). Q+ enables real-time red alerts and audit notification mails. We instantly alert your managers to compliance violations so that they can step in immediately.

CSAT Framework: Our CSAT framework is built around survey questionnaires aligned to industry benchmarks, survey management & response consolidation, recommendations of actionable data and predictive insights. Our associates place survey calls directly to your customers. We also create mail and e-mail surveys. Each customer survey consists of a series of questions that provide measurable data.

Q + : Put the Plus in Your Quality

  • Customized audit forms to monitor interactions. Detailed online reporting in calibrated formats

  • Our proprietary web-based tool Q+ gives you all these pluses. Our domain experts provide quick turnaround to address key areas for immediate improvement.

  • What does this mean for you and your team?
    It saves your time, effort and resources. It gives you the freedom to optimize your call center performance. So that you can focus on your valued customers to to give them the best experience.

" leveraging the capabilities of WNS, we will take our customers’ experience to the next level. We have chosen WNS as our partner because they bring a deep understanding of customer needs, have a track record of operational excellence and most importantly, are aligned to our values."
Russell Taylor

Customer Services Director, T-Mobile

89% of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave you for your competition

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